Managing Covid-19

Managing Covid-19  I'm sure by now we have all read post and watched videos on how different people are managing their feelings and thoughts during this pandemic. I personally take the time to read watch what I can because it is very helpful and interesting to see the different ways we all are managing. I feel as though you can never have enough tips to draw from and try. We are almost two months into the stay at home order and honestly I have a certain level of gratitude and content mixed with irritation and annoyance. Mainly because of the things that are happening in my personal life that are making this whole situation surprisingly bearable. I'll only name one because as a New Yorker (or not)  ya'll wont even need to hear the rest you will simply get it. So in December I moved to my very own apartment! Renting rooms for the past 8 years here and living in almost all of the boroughs has been a roller coaster clocking 7 moves in my first three years. I definitely have


Why is honesty so hard. Why is speaking up about how we feel so hard. Why is having certain conversations about money so hard. Why can't we look people in the eye and tell them the actual thoughts we are having? The amount of time and negative energy that could be saved by having open and honest conversations about how we really feel and want is unmeasurable. Personally I feel it is everything else that goes along with being honest...  the look in some one's eyes as they tear up from getting their feelings hurt, the attitude that comes from a friends or significant other still trying to digest what was said. Being honest sometimes shows a difference in opinion and for whatever reason people feel like ca they can't get past their differences. It is definitely easier to keep your opinion and thoughts to yourself. For me personally I like to know how the people around me feel about me and some of my actions. When you are not honest with me about me and how I make you feel

Femme Diaries: Relationships, Health & Sex

We now have a link for tickets to be purchased the event is officially on Eventbrite under "Femme Diaries"  We really brought this event to life and it started with me having an opinion that I thought would be helpful. On a whim I created I an email address and honestly I think we need to get the other social media handles. Lets just start and see how this first even goes. As you can see the event will be held at Jack Rabbit which was a great choice considering exercise is going to help bring everything full circle and be one of the contributing factors for better relationships, sex and mental well being. There will definitely be some drinks as well as food we can not have a discussion about men and sex without drinks right?! We even have assembled a few guys to come and give us a few gems from a man's perspective. Raffles and giveaways will also be happening. Please join us for a great time. Feel free to follow us all on social media and ask all the questions. @frisky
I don't do enough posting in the moment and I am really trying to work on reporting back to the blog. And I want to go on record about the event I am currently planning and everything I am feeing right now. Femme Diaries is going to be a name and event that is going to go so much further than what we are imagining right now. Tiff and Shaunie I feel like we are in for one hell of a ride. And it is crazy random and dope that we are the ones chosen to get our individual messages out together. I can not wait to see what is in store and what we can manifest for each other. When I created the gmail account I already saw it happening. NYC please save the date of October 4th we are planning something so crazy dope. Please believe that you will have another opportunity because something is telling me that this is the first of many Femme Diaries. Things happen for you when you follow her heart. Each and everyone of us has multiple gifts planted in them but it is necessary for you to do the s

End Of August Thoughts...

Here's my sorry its been a while but I'm back post... Now that that's out of the way. Major side eye Charity smh I have basically been on this little high since my birthday. With out pouring my whole heart on social media I will say your girl felt very loved and it makes such an impact because I have always felt a little left out in the family department. Especially being in New York without mine. I definitely have a better sense of belonging and that felt stronger than ever this year. So some of you knew that I needed a computer like forever ago and ya girl was gifted one for her birthday (insert high pitch screaming). The amount of work that I have been able to get done has almost shocked me. Our phones are pretty convenient and we get a lot done but there is nothing like opening up your computer with 13 windows open and bouncing back and forth between them all. I've started on my fitness website and within a week have been able to knock a lot of it out. I&#

Language Spells

I challenge you to change your language.  A worthy topic in the conversation of weight loss is our language. Your language and tone come into play in any other relationship the one with food should be no different. It's been proven that changing your language can change your mood so let's concentrate on our language about food to alter our mood in a good way. I believe there are trigger statements that change your mindset to thinking you can't do certain things until a certain amount of weight off your body. You shouldn't wait to do anything because of weight unless it jeopardizes your health. The statement reads as if a person that is heavier can't possibly be happy living their life. 1. Let's change "I have to workout" to "I get to workout" Being appreciative about your body and what it is capable of doing may have you not hating your workout as much. Some bodies can not work out even if they wanted to and I believe that

Alive! Expo in Atlanta

On Saturday May 18 I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel and being the Keynote speaker at the Alive! Expo in Atlanta Georgia. This expo was great. There were so many vendors, products, and people that were representing products and organizations that contribute to living a healthier lifestyle. Young Living was the company that brought me out and took great care of me. If you are unfamiliar with them and their products they and exstensive line of essential oils that cater almost every aspect of your life. Please check out their products here The topic of the panel discussion that was hosted by @rosiemercado was wellness in diverese communities. We addressed some really difficult topics about wellness in our communities. Here is just a couple of questions that we addressed: What do you see as potential challenges that exits for diverse communities when we talk about accessing information and tools needed to create wellness? How can corporations, influencers, and