Alive! Expo in Atlanta

On Saturday May 18 I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel and being the Keynote speaker at the Alive! Expo in Atlanta Georgia. This expo was great. There were so many vendors, products, and people that were representing products and organizations that contribute to living a healthier lifestyle. Young Living was the company that brought me out and took great care of me. If you are unfamiliar with them and their products they and exstensive line of essential oils that cater almost every aspect of your life. Please check out their products here The topic of the panel discussion that was hosted by @rosiemercado was wellness in diverese communities. We addressed some really difficult topics about wellness in our communities. Here is just a couple of questions that we addressed: What do you see as potential challenges that exits for diverse communities when we talk about accessing information and tools needed to create wellness? How can corporations, influencers, and community leaders play a part in ensuring that the "wellness trend" trickles down into underserved and diverse communities. These questions naturally took us to questions that weren't even thought of but it sparked a great conversation and the audience walked away with great information and even some questions to reflect on their own lifestyle. We need to be having more conversations like these. One of the main things we addressed was our children and how we need to be instilling in them the healthier habits. The panel was composed of some amazing people and experts in their field. Ladell Hill is a molecular health specialist, fitness trainer, herbalist, and wellness expert. Yassin is a published author, global influencer and a staunch Mental Health Advocate in Georgia, Florida, and across the Caribbean. Agatha Achindu, Chief Yummy Officer at Yummy Spoonfuls organic baby food, grew up as a
farmer’s daughter in Cameroon, West Africa. Rounding out our panel, are Todd Walker, Young Living’s VP of Sales and Innovation. Cheryl Baker, Young Living’s US Spanish Marketing and Sales and Marketing Manager. Young Living definitely went all out taking care of and making sure we were comfortable.
The Panel
My keynote address which took place about an hour later touched on a few familiar topics as well as integrating my personal story and struggles. The alarming statistics for African-American women in heart health, emotional eating, leaving the audience a few things to ponder on in regards to how the system is set up for to wellness in diverse communities was what I wanted to discuss. These are relevant topics that have a large impact on a person’s health and wellness journey. I want to help people identify their roadblocks as well as leave them with tools on how to cope with them. I got some great interaction from the crowd and even gave away virtual sessions to three audience members.

I look forward to doing more work with the Young Living team they have an exceptional product line that goes hand in hand with my message and personal beliefs. A huge thank you to Nikki Walker!

A high school friend that lives in Atlanta came out to show some support. It was so good to see you Crystal! kiss kiss

Sometimes I can believe that I stand up in front of people with a mic and talk. Believe it or not I was a little shy and insecure about spekaing to crowds. Now that I realize I have such valuable information and my story is worth telling I feel completely different about it. I need to embrace what has been put infront of me. If your stuggling with feeling like your not qualified or worthy of what you want STOP. What's in your heart is yours for a reason. Walk confidently in your purpose. When that happens you will be blessed immensely.


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