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End Of August Thoughts...

Here's my sorry its been a while but I'm back post... Now that that's out of the way. Major side eye Charity smh I have basically been on this little high since my birthday. With out pouring my whole heart on social media I will say your girl felt very loved and it makes such an impact because I have always felt a little left out in the family department. Especially being in New York without mine. I definitely have a better sense of belonging and that felt stronger than ever this year. So some of you knew that I needed a computer like forever ago and ya girl was gifted one for her birthday (insert high pitch screaming). The amount of work that I have been able to get done has almost shocked me. Our phones are pretty convenient and we get a lot done but there is nothing like opening up your computer with 13 windows open and bouncing back and forth between them all. I've started on my fitness website and within a week have been able to knock a lot of it out. I&#