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Why is honesty so hard. Why is speaking up about how we feel so hard. Why is having certain conversations about money so hard. Why can't we look people in the eye and tell them the actual thoughts we are having? The amount of time and negative energy that could be saved by having open and honest conversations about how we really feel and want is unmeasurable. Personally I feel it is everything else that goes along with being honest...  the look in some one's eyes as they tear up from getting their feelings hurt, the attitude that comes from a friends or significant other still trying to digest what was said. Being honest sometimes shows a difference in opinion and for whatever reason people feel like ca they can't get past their differences. It is definitely easier to keep your opinion and thoughts to yourself. For me personally I like to know how the people around me feel about me and some of my actions. When you are not honest with me about me and how I make you feel