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Alive! Expo in Atlanta

On Saturday May 18 I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel and being the Keynote speaker at the Alive! Expo in Atlanta Georgia. This expo was great. There were so many vendors, products, and people that were representing products and organizations that contribute to living a healthier lifestyle. Young Living was the company that brought me out and took great care of me. If you are unfamiliar with them and their products they and exstensive line of essential oils that cater almost every aspect of your life. Please check out their products here The topic of the panel discussion that was hosted by @rosiemercado was wellness in diverese communities. We addressed some really difficult topics about wellness in our communities. Here is just a couple of questions that we addressed: What do you see as potential challenges that exits for diverse communities when we talk about accessing information and tools needed to create wellness? How can corporations, influencers, and

Bestie Time!

How many of you have an out of town bestie?! I have a few and it really sucks lol I have a set of girls in Tacoma and Portland spending most of my high school years in Tacoma, Washington also did two years Skagit Valley which is two hours north of Tacoma, then transferred to Portland Oregon to do my last two years of college there while playing basketball and ended up staying in the area. So naturally I have people that have been through these crazy times with me that have earned the bestie title. I actually have besties by state and then a special group of people that I call my village. Curently I am in Bakersfield Ca with my "Cali Bestie". I met her while in college in Portland she is orginially from California. Her son turned three on the 23rd and it was Paw Patrol Central this weekend lol Ms Kerlisha had the joy of attending I have to admit I hate that for her first time in California had to Bakersfield but this was personal I'd go visit this friend any where on the