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Fun Work Weekend

So a couple of weekends ago I went to Middlebury VT with my ace doing a pop-up for natural hair. Christal Brown originally got her hair done at the salon Kerlisha and I worked at together and she asked if we would be interested in coming and doing hair for the students of color here. We ended up doing a lot of hair for the black children that are adpopted as well as the residents and students at Middlebury College. The program covers the cost of travel and lodging and they ask that we lower our pricing which we obviously had no problem doing considering they brought us here. We had quite the experience here. Clearly a change of pace and culture but it is something that we will do again. They really don't have the resources here to get their hair done and get the care that it needs so having us come for a couple days was amazing for them. It was also a dry run for K and C Natural Pop Up without us losing out on money. We were able to get a feel of what it would be like being on the