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Managing Covid-19

Managing Covid-19  I'm sure by now we have all read post and watched videos on how different people are managing their feelings and thoughts during this pandemic. I personally take the time to read watch what I can because it is very helpful and interesting to see the different ways we all are managing. I feel as though you can never have enough tips to draw from and try. We are almost two months into the stay at home order and honestly I have a certain level of gratitude and content mixed with irritation and annoyance. Mainly because of the things that are happening in my personal life that are making this whole situation surprisingly bearable. I'll only name one because as a New Yorker (or not)  ya'll wont even need to hear the rest you will simply get it. So in December I moved to my very own apartment! Renting rooms for the past 8 years here and living in almost all of the boroughs has been a roller coaster clocking 7 moves in my first three years. I definitely have