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Healthy Heart NY

CELEBRITY FITNESS INSTRUCTOR CHARITY LYNETTE PRESENTS THE 2ND  "A HEALTHY HEART NY" COMMUNITY RUN.  SuperBowl XLVII champion Bernard Pierce of the Denver Broncos (left) & Love & Hip Hop NY star Sofi Green (right) join Celebrity Fitness Instructor Charity Lynette of Curvy Chick Fitness (middle) for "Healthy Heart NY" community run at Jack Rabbit stores. (New York) - March 30, 2017 - This past Monday,  Charity Lynette  and  Jack Rabbit  host ed a community run/meet & greet at the Jack Rabbit Store on 3rd Avenue in Manhattan. Community runners were invited to join Superbowl champ  Bernard Pierce  and Love & Hip Hop star  Sofi Green  for a 2 mile run to promote the  "A Healthy Heart NY"   initiative .   Guests was treated to healthy snacks and a water test by  Alkazone Antioxidant Water King after the run, as well as a Meet and greet with the celebrities in attendance.

Curvy Chick Fitness Guide to Running. Your Heart Will Thank You Later

Hello Everyone, A healthy heart is a very important factor in living a long life.  Understanding how movement can change your life and reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, is an integral part of daily life.  I really wanted to put together a guide to help everyone with beginning your running or walking experience. It is important to know even if you are not actually running, the same concepts will apply if you are power walking. So I will always be referring to both and point out the difference if needed. You still need proper footwear, apparel, etc. I really want to share with you some things that will help you get started with your journey. Permission If you are new to working out and running you may need to speak to a physician because, as much as you want to do certain exercises you may not be able to. You need to make sure you are cleared to participate in certain workouts. Especially, if you are over 40 and not used to working out or more than 20 lbs