Language Spells

I challenge you to change your language.  A worthy topic in the conversation of weight loss is our
language. Your language and tone come into play in any other relationship the one with food should be
no different. It's been proven that changing your language can change your mood so let's concentrate
on our language about food to alter our mood in a good way.

I believe there are trigger statements that change your mindset to thinking you can't do certain things
until a certain amount of weight off your body. You shouldn't wait to do anything because of weight
unless it jeopardizes your health. The statement reads as if a person that is heavier can't possibly be
happy living their life.

1. Let's change "I have to workout" to "I get to workout"
Being appreciative about your body and what it is capable of doing may have you not hating your
workout as much. Some bodies can not work out even if they wanted to and I believe that the fact that
you can and physically doing so is a great way to show appreciation to your body.

2. Let's begin our days with positive affirmations
*My body is a vessel for my awesomeness
*My life is what I make of it. I have all the power
*My body is a gift. I treat it with love and respect.
*I am worthy of abundance
Let's speak positively about our bodies and say these things out loud. The more positive we are
vocally combined with actually doing what the body needs is what I believe will help create an
armour against the world and some of the negative energy we encounter with people and social media.
We need young girls hearing us and saying these things out loud this is important in helping them
develop a beneficial body perception of themselves. This goes with almost anything in life.
Speaking positively in all areas of your life will have a trickle down effect

Photographer @effortless_effect
Eating well and properly hydrating your body should be a part of your daily routine to make the best choices out of habit because you know that is what your body needs. I'm not saying not to eat the cake or cookie even have a cocktail or two. One of the most important things to remember it is all about balance. Make sure your drinking plenty of water and even a workout the day of and after when you might be participating in activities outside of your normal routine. Also sitting in a sauna is a great way to help rid your body of toxins. They key is to keep drinking plenty of water!

I challenge you to start with the two challenges above and see how it positively affects your day.
I would love to hear your stories or see your post.
If they affect you in a good way, please share photos and videos under the hashtag #curvychickpositivity.




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