I don't do enough posting in the moment and I am really trying to work on reporting back to the blog. And I want to go on record about the event I am currently planning and everything I am feeing right now. Femme Diaries is going to be a name and event that is going to go so much further than what we are imagining right now. Tiff and Shaunie I feel like we are in for one hell of a ride. And it is crazy random and dope that we are the ones chosen to get our individual messages out together. I can not wait to see what is in store and what we can manifest for each other. When I created the gmail account I already saw it happening. NYC please save the date of October 4th we are planning something so crazy dope. Please believe that you will have another opportunity because something is telling me that this is the first of many Femme Diaries. Things happen for you when you follow her heart. Each and everyone of us has multiple gifts planted in them but it is necessary for you to do the self work to tap into them
We weren't created to be miserable and dread our days. We were created with the intent to live in abundance and freedom. The happiest people believe this and walk confidently in that mindset. The more I get aligned with what is in my heart the better the opportunities get. I find that I get to do more of what I want to and work that is necessary for these things don't feel mundane.

So pretty much I  wanted to date stamp my intuition. So looking forward to this project ladies...

Stay tuned...



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