Femme Diaries: Relationships, Health & Sex

We now have a link for tickets to be purchased the event is officially on Eventbrite under "Femme Diaries"  We really brought this event to life and it started with me having an opinion that I thought would be helpful. On a whim I created I an email address and honestly I think we need to get the other social media handles. Lets just start and see how this first even goes. As you can see the event will be held at Jack Rabbit which was a great choice considering exercise is going to help bring everything full circle and be one of the contributing factors for better relationships, sex and mental well being. There will definitely be some drinks as well as food we can not have a discussion about men and sex without drinks right?! We even have assembled a few guys to come and give us a few gems from a man's perspective. Raffles and giveaways will also be happening. Please join us for a great time. Feel free to follow us all on social media and ask all the questions.



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