So let's try this again...

I swear I have been "starting my blog" for 7 years now. I know I am not the only one that  makes solid attempts to get more serious about posting on a more consistent basis. It has been very hard for me to keep it up and what I find even more interesting is that is how I got started, I would write articles and my management would get them placed on sites etc. smh Well my attempt to get started and more consistent is to take the some of the formality out of every single post. What I struggle with the most is I want people to have different content on each platform. And honestly that is work! In addition to my work work lol But as time is moving along I am finding my way. So at this point all I can do is be honest and open about this journey. Here you will find more of my thoughts on what is happening in my world along tips and rants that you can identity with. All questions and comments are welcomed.

Thank you in advance for your patience. I promise it will be good.

(insert hand wave here)


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