Today while getting lost in my thoughts I realized I took the rhythm out of my writing. You have to write in a pattern and at regular scheduled times. I lost that, I stopped doing that so please excuse me while I catch you up and get back my rhythm. I actually really miss writing poems but I need a different kind of inspiration for those lines and it doesn't always come to me when I'd like. There will be a moment when I can write phrases or a line but getting something to come before or after sometimes is the hardest task for me. Writing my day and thoughts is different a little easier lol I can tell you my feelings based on what happened and how it makes me feel but poetry takes a certain level creativity that doesn't always like to be present. You really have to do things on a consistent bases for a period of time and it will become a habit and be a part of what you do. Another reason why these short entries are my starting point. AGAIN. But I'm ok with my failures being out there people are going to talk and say what they feel regardless if it is a fact or not. So I need to control my narrative as much as possible. This is my diary to the world. I will always be honest and tell you how I feel here. I promise. Be consistent with what you do. Do it everyday, every other day, every Wednesday, whatever it takes to make sure you do what you set out to do. What you tell your self and how you hold yourself accountable is so important. Something that I don't always have into play is an accountability plan. Which if I take a honest look deep down inside I can see how I have been struggling with the consistency of my writing as well as a few other areas of my life. I don't like that it takes what I told someone else for me to do what is best for me. It's like I'm only doing it because of how you are going to make me feel not because this is what I need to do for myself. Ironically I have made a pretty good living off of holding people accountable but I don't like I need that. As a Leo I don't want to need any damn body lol serious. Find a way to do what you need to do for yourself so that you can be consistent in areas of your life that could use improvements. I promise it will change the way you maneuver through situations.



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