Is This Happening ?!

Oh snap day two! I already am making progress ya'll lol. Still havent figured out the frequency yet but we will take this one day at a time. The majority of my day was spent with my business partner trying to figure out a few things. I have started a hair business with someone I used to be collegues with. We both were working at a natural hair salon and that space closed and we were kinda forced to start our own salon :) I am extremely lucky because that collegue is my best friend! We definitely get on each others nerves but the whole process and journey has been quite interesting. Just picture it.... there you are just living your life making plans and taking care of business when your boss/shop owner says "shop is closing I'm moving back to my apartment to do hair and that is happening in a week" ...right? imagine our surprise. Honeslty Kerlisha and I wanted to go out and do our own thing anyways but it was something we thought we were months even years away from doing. Naturally the most high had other plans. We rolling with it you guys but this is a different level owning a business it makes you really work and find out what your made of. I'm built for it definitely I just have my days especially when you factor in Curvy Chick Fitness and I haven't even introduced my show that I have on this platform yet, remember one day at a time lol. So long story short I am co-owner of K and C Natural Pop up with my New York Bestie Kerlisha. We will be working in a temporary space together soon just waiting on the sink to be installed. Currently I have been doing house calls either to my place or I travel to them, which isn't that bad for me because I enjoy my bike. Now you will have a better idea of how my days flow... workout clients 530 am ish til early afternoon then hair until whenever. Honeslty with black hair you just never know lol So bringing you back to my day with us trying to figure out a few things we had some decisions to make about booking system, photos, marketing ideas blah blah this list is endless. But we crossed a few items off our list and that is what matters to us! Please please please follow our hair page on Instagram @kandcnaturalpopup. A million Thank yous!



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