Bestie Time!

How many of you have an out of town bestie?! I have a few and it really sucks lol I have a set of girls in Tacoma and Portland spending most of my high school years in Tacoma, Washington also did two years Skagit Valley which is two hours north of Tacoma, then transferred to Portland Oregon to do my last two years of college there while playing basketball and ended up staying in the area. So naturally I have people that have been through these crazy times with me that have earned the bestie title. I actually have besties by state and then a special group of people that I call my village. Curently I am in Bakersfield Ca with my "Cali Bestie". I met her while in college in Portland she is orginially from California. Her son turned three on the 23rd and it was Paw Patrol Central this weekend lol Ms Kerlisha had the joy of attending I have to admit I hate that for her first time in California had to Bakersfield but this was personal I'd go visit this friend any where on the map at some point or another. But it was nice for us to relax and get out of the bustle of the city. My friend has a great property with tons of space so we got to really kick up our feet and enjoy some down time. Ironically I have actually got to see this friend more often in the past few months but we are the friends that could talk everyday so seeing each other every few months is never enough but we make work. Even with all the party planning and activities that weekend we got in alot of alone time and moments to reconnect with minimal inturruptions. It really is a trip watcing some of my closest friends become parents and live different lifestyles I look at the kids like "I could tell you a story or two about your mom and dad!" lol Not that I ever would but its fun to think about. Heehee

 This was the start of a two week trip. Kerlisha and I ended up going to Sacramento for a couple days then I made my way home to Portland and Tacoma for a few days. But back to the first couple of days of my trip. It was beautiful to get to watch my friend create a fun party for her baby boy and witness her being super mom and wife for a few days. This chick let me squat on her couch in NYwhen I first moved here and knew nothing about the big city. Without her I may not have been able to to get acclimated to New York in such a way. Our days in Bakersfield were filled with plenty of rest, wine, and laughter. Alicia and her her husband have a beautiful home on great property that they are starting to for family business and this home is perfect for any kind of event, party, etc. This girl is a party planner guru I'm so happy that she is getting this idea out of her head and into action. Please follow her on IG guys @thetryinmomma to watch the bts of her amazing creations.

Besties meeting for the first time.
Me keeping Kerlisha's Mimosa
glass full

Love kids that I get to give back! 
These kiddos were giving me a run for my money they seem to have an endless amount of energy. Always a blast to see and interact with children their honest in way that you can't help but to laugh. Alicia has a large family and there are children everywhere when everyone is together. 
All in all it was a great start to my trip. I forgot to mention one of my first cousins actually lives there as well so I was able to catch up with her as well. This was a  much needed trip! I'm breaking this post up and will be back with my Tacoma and Portland adventures.

Night Night,


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