Fun Work Weekend

So a couple of weekends ago I went to Middlebury VT with my ace doing a pop-up for natural hair. Christal Brown originally got her hair done at the salon Kerlisha and I worked at together and she asked if we would be interested in coming and doing hair for the students of color here. We ended up doing a lot of hair for the black children that are adpopted as well as the residents and students at Middlebury College. The program covers the cost of travel and lodging and they ask that we lower our pricing which we obviously had no problem doing considering they brought us here. We had quite the experience here. Clearly a change of pace and culture but it is something that we will do again. They really don't have the resources here to get their hair done and get the care that it needs so having us come for a couple days was amazing for them. It was also a dry run for K and C Natural Pop Up without us losing out on money. We were able to get a feel of what it would be like being on the road doing hair and how to maximize on every opportunity. Naturally things came up that we didn't even think of but overall it was a positive experience where everyone walked away feeling good. Getting to do these things with my best friend is beyond fun. We make anywhere we go the best time we are good travel buddies! We know when and how to leave each other alone when irritation starts to creep in. And if you follow my instastories I can be a bit much. Not Sorry!! :)

So rewind to before K and I boarded the plane to Middlebury that Saturday I spoke on a panel for an organization called When Women Network and was another level of amazingness. Every woman in attendance wanted to start a business or in one of the many situations you can be in as a business owner. There was a set of friends that were 17 years old and developed they own profitable product. One is a flat iron (IG @pressedbyniasimone) and the other was a clothing line (IG @valid_tm) so I definitely made sure I spent a little time pouring into them. Giving them just a little time and words of encouragement I hope they reach out when they need something! I raffeled off a few training sessions like usually do at these things. I use it as a way to get women to meet with me and see what Curvy Chick Fitness is all about. Not to mention I was surrounded by wonderful women for this panel its things like this that reassure me that I am doing exactly what I am suppsoed to be doing in life. When I get paid to share my knowledge and story with complete strangers. All in all that was great weekend for both of my brands.

Tah-Tah for now,


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